November is here.

It's officially November. That means it's about three, almost four week until Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday.  So, with that starting TODAY, it means that the 30 Day GIVING challenge has commenced. I participated last year and really grew to understand giving and not being so selfish around the holidays of what I want to score on Black Friday, what I want to purchase to be the best present giver, and what people can think about ME giving them awesome things.

30-Day Giving Challenge

The challenge is one of giving things for 30 days to unexpected peoples. It's like Christmas, but not. It's a concept based upon Acts 20:35, the famous "it is more blessed to give than to receive" tagline that comes directly from Jesus Himself.  In Acts, the verse talks about working hard, you can help the weak. So therefore, we work hard at finding things we can do for others, we'll in turned be blessed without having that as our goal. The goal is to bless others, always.

However, we're taking it up a notch at Jen and her MARINE. We're adding to the giving challenge and adding in Thanks. How often do these items go hand in hand? Like 96% of the time, right? I thought so too. Therefore when I am giving, I can add gratitude to the people as well. 
For example, today I am sending off Christmas cards to unsponsored children of Compassion. I am signing them with "thanking God for putting you in my life" and placing plenty of shiny sparkly stickers on them that these children may have NEVER seen in their lives.  These children may have never been told that they're loved. Can you imagine that for a little bit. Never been told "I love you" or "I thank God for YOU!" Breaks my heart.. So I am sending them Christ's love in a card.

You can do the same, just fill out Christmas cards, no attachments (like sheets of stickers, photos, etc) and send them to Compassion before November 4th.

Send "general cards" that would be well received by boy or girl, young or old.
-Include a cover letter explaining that the letters are for unsponsored children.
-You may direct the cards to be sent to a specific country, otherwise they will be split between countries.
-Mail the letters to
Attn: Laverne, Sponsor Correspondence Team
Colorado Springs, CO 80997

Let's make this Christmas special for every child in Compassion's program!
SO, let's say THANKS and GIVING with each day of November. 


Becca said…
What a wonderful post and challenge! I love this. Thank you so much for sharing and for inspiring your readers to the same challenge. Happy November :)
HappyAndersons said…
Ohhh I love this, what a GREAT idea! My kids and I will do that this week, we are in the process of writing up our monthly giving calendar for the challenge!

Thanks for sharing :)
Cindy DG said…
Great post and happy to find your site! Found your link up on the Challenge site! Today we gave a bag of goodies to our local food pantry! :) Looking forward to the challenge!

PS - OH-IO (living in Ohio) :)