I don't want a lot for Christmas...

Monday Update:

The Marine is safely home once again and all I got was a SHOT GLASS from New Orleans.
(I don't drink nor collect shot glasses...)
However, at least it's fleur de lis and blue and yellow to coordinate with where ever I happen to place it in our home.

BUT, what else can you get from New Orleans besides a Blue fema tarps, dirty water, diseases, and alcohol?
Oh right, BEADS.
 We already have a jar of them from all the other times the USMC has sent him there for training.

Seems appropriate for New Orleans.

Saturday was kinda uneventful.
The Marine cleaned the garage enough to park our cars in it during the winter icy/snowy parts so that we won't have to scrape our windshields. 
We found our winter coat box, another bathroom supplies box, my jewelry boxes, the USMC coin collection, and some various things that are turning the basement into a man cave. 
The loft's office will become my scrapbook/crafty place. 
The Marine's gotta tote his HAMRADIO stuff from the loft to the basement to complete the MANCAVE project.
It's complete with cinderblock walls and cement floors and an old canning room turned secret passage.
The SECOND secret passage being built into the house.
Which is funny because the office's paint color is called SECRET PASSAGE and I loathe it.

We're not pastel paint color people and I tried making us that way.
Wrong wrong oh so wrong.
We need BOLD but not overbearing since it's a small space.

We have bold/dark colors around the home.
Like it won't be considered unless it's saturated and bottom color on a paint chip-bold.
Martha Stewart's SEAL, our current Master Bathroom Color.
Martha Stewart's Cement Gray: our kitchen, entryway, laundry room

Martha Stewart's Garbadine, above kitchen cabinets and laundry room bead board ceiling.
Valspar JAZZ CLUB, living and dining room combo.
It's actually much darker than this with three coats of paint :)
Think navy blue in corner and slightly more blue everywhere else.

Obviously we love that all Martha's Colors coordinate without being matchy-matchy.
We started off using one symbol paint, but once we bought the SEAL, we went outside of that.
Which we LOVE that color in the bathroom as the Chrome fixtures and white tiles just POP off the walls now.

Church, small group GAME NIGHT and politics discussion until 11:30 PM.
Once the boys get talking, they're not stopping.
The girls discussed cooking, working out, blogs.
NORMAL stuff.

Oh, and I highly suggest the Game LOGO.  It's intriguing.

And Christmas Message this year is all about :SIMPLE.
Making things matter.
BEING Present and intentional.
That's harder than yall know.
How have you been intentional?
and Simple?


Semper Wifey said…
Wow...so much in your post! :) Sounds like fun busy-ness! The paint colors are beautiful!

We also LOVE (probably a little too much since we quote it all.the.time.) Elf! "Look out for the yellow ones! They don't stop!" "You're so pretty you could be on a Christmas card!" "Does somebody need a hug?" OMGoodness! I will stop now!

Oh, and I'm with your Hubby about It's a Wonderful Life. It's a beautiful movie but might be a happiness buzz kill after Elf.