Life worth Living.

36 hours until the New Year Commences.
I have a few new things I am trying out this year.
Several people will be shocked.
I actually PLANNED things, which I actually LOVE to do, but being Military it ALWAYS gets changed so I never plan anything. 
New changes.

I'm starting with a NEW to ME way to study the Bible, God's Holy Word.
I've joined in with others on a TWELVE month challenge.
It's not as scary as trying to read the entire Bible cover to cover and giving up in Leviticus. 
(Imagine having to follow all those rules your whole life?! THANK YOU JESUS!)

So my goals:
Esther, Ruth, Joshua, James, 1Timothy, 2Timothy, Daniel, Joel, Ezekiel, Jude, Philemon, Titus
To read one book per month, in a variety of translations. I chose these because I've studied them but not STUDIED them or given them proper intention before.

The book I'm choosing to study much deeper ALL year long is PSALMS
Being a part of a Worship Team changes things.
I wanna PRAISE not just play or tap a steady beat.

Meditate or Memorize
I'm doing both.
Not sure of the Verses, yet
I'll choose one from each of the twelve books I chose to read this year. 

And lastly, we have the Christian NonFiction to read:
I chose twelve books I have acquired or are interested in that I haven't read cover to cover, yet.
The Bold print books are ones I physically have. Others will be acquired via Nook Tablet and available for Lend Me Status once I've read them. 

Made to Crave: Lysa Terkeurst
Not a Fan: Kyle Idleman
Weird: Craig Groeschel
Enemies of the Heart: Andy Stanley
1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp
Rethink your Life: Stan Toler
How to be a Best Friend Forever (comes out Jan 1): Dr. John Townsend
Face Down: Matt Redman
Mirror Ball: Matt Redman
The Well: Mark Hall
Breaking Free: Beth Moore
The Story: Max Lucado

I'll probably add to the list as these are finished, and new books are published, but these are on my heart right now and I am eager to read their knowledge and insight.

Anyone have any other Bible reading strategies that work for them?
I've tried the Chronological Bible, The pages a day reading plans, the plans in the back of some of our Bibles and none seem to stick.
I feel if I have CHOICE over what I am reading, it'll make me strive to read it and learn it and such.
And I am such an Old Testament girl.
It's ridiculous.


Kaylee said…
First of all, I love that you are an Old Testament girl, that's awesome. Second, you have some great books on your list to read...I just started 1000 Gifts and it's great. Third, about a Bible reading plan...I've done a read-through-the-bible a few times in high school anc college. Looking back, it was awesome, but I dunno if the chronological is as appealing to me now. I like the idea you have - it's true, being able to choose what you are reading may help you stick to it better! Good luck!
Impressive! I love to read but I'm not so big on the 12 month goals. I'll be happy if I make it through 30 days, then I'll start with the next 30 days LOL.

How do you like your NOOK? I have NOOK Color and LOVE it!!
ruthless said…
why don't you try to read a translation of the Holy Quraan .
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I wish you all the best .