Jesus' Birthday is coming! And I have the presents, cards, and etc wrapped and ready to go BEFORE Christmas Eve. Can you believe that? I just gotta shoot over to the post office tomorrow and ship ship ship em all off. 

The only thing I haven't purchased is the Marine's "big" gift. I got a Nook Tablet this year after the in-laws gave us Christmas money. I am not sure what to purchase for him. I was thinking an espresso machine, but he's just recently gotten into TEAVANA and their teas, so I'd rather him drink that than espresso. 

He wants a Band Saw or Planer; things of which he won't use that often so I am reluctant to purchase knowing that it'll just sit in garage and be used once like most of his other tools he HAD to have.

I don't know what to get him that he'll actually use. He could use a nook tablet, honestly. But I'll let him use mine when he leaves on his 2,704 business TDY trips the Marine Corps sends him on. 

Speaking of the Marine Corps, could you PLEASE add the Marine to your prayer list. I can't go into details, but it's not pretty. It fact, it's darn right UGLY and worrisome and I don't WORRY! It's put me into a horrible, terrible, no good mood, and I can't shake it. The worst part is how it's affecting the Marine. He can't sleep, doesn't have time to eat, and can't stop thinking about it. 

I have plans tonight to woo him with dinner and a movie, IF he ever comes home.
 And it's Drill Weekend, he'll be busier than ever. It's a good thing he's not a whiner or complaining kind of person. He internalizes a lot of things and would never discuss this anywhere, so that's what I am for :)

SO with all this crazytown kinda stuff happening, it's time to make it NOT about us and our lives.


Megilon said…
I just got into Teavana and I love it! I recommend the Earl Grey Creme it has a nice kick to it.