Monday Update

It's Monday! Happy Monday.

I've been meaning to post more often but my Macbook and I have been fighting over Blogger for a few days. 
I emptied cache's, I reset Safari and basically had to resuscitate the machine to allow me to view blogger.
But we're back now so YAY.
It could have been a blogger glitch, but I still saw many people not having the issues posting or viewing.

This weekend was a blast. 
The Marine had a Toys for Tots event Saturday Morning so we drove to the area, he got free breakfast and I got to check out a new to me Goodwill. 

It quickly became my favorite Goodwill as I found an awesome brand new Dwell Studio tablecloth in yellow and gray for $7.99,

 perfect brand new curtains for my giant bumpout windows for $7.99(total)
(I will post after Christmas pictures because the ornaments are dangling from curtain rod currently)
 and a silver vase for $6.99.
 It's more than I typically spend at Goodwill, but I had a $2 coupon and the total only came to $17 after discounts with the new rewards card, too. 
This Good Will was fresh, organized, open, and ridiculously meticulously clean. 
It's rare to find that now!

OH! I also scored an entire set of 1970s TUPPERWARE measuring cups in fabulous avocado green for .49! 
These measuring cups can take a beating and measure the heaviest brown sugar and not crack under pressure.  
Plus they remind me of baking at home during Christmas.
It's a super win.

Afterwards we went shopping and found the Marine a scarf and an old man hat. He has a wool double button coat that he's in LOVE with now that it's cooler out and he needed to complete the preppy old man look. 
We also got some Christmas presents and some ideas for others.
The malls were CRAAZYtown.

Sunday was great. 
Church sermon was removed as we watched the Children's Christmas Play/Pageant. 
At the end was a testimony and time for sharing Jesus (which was also in the play). 
The children did a GREAT job.

We also attended the Downtown Campus Church service, ate dinner with the attendees, and then went to Christmas at the Zoo.
Which is awesome they still call it CHRISTMAS at the Zoo and have Merry Christmas everywhere.
It was magical.
Our friends' children showed us things we hadn't seen before even though we've been there three times already.
The Indy Zoo is only going to get better.
It's the ONLY Zoo east of the Mississippi that has dolphins or dolphin facilities.
Pretty neat, eh?
It's no San Diego Zoo, but it's quite a large place for being so close to downtown (and our home)!

So, that's what we've been up to lately. Sometime this week we're going to throw the Christmas cards in the mail. 
It would have been sooner IF I had my Element at home to do it.
The Marine's working on his truck and steals my car during the day.
Nice, eh?

What have yall been up too?


Angel said…
I'm waiting on my christmas cards to arrive so I can send them out. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I LOVE goodwill, they know me there lol, but I didn't know they had a reward cards