Must look up.

First off, THANK YOU for all your sweet comments on yesterdays post.  It really helped after I had to clean up all her blankets, towels, etc and wash them one last time. I also found a half chewed rawhide, her squeaky toy, and a few half chewed meaty bones. To know that these weren't devoured means that she was in so much pain and I know we did the right thing. I just don't like it.

Second. Things are changing around here. It's time for a refresher, a restart to life! I typically re-evaluate things on birthdays, but there are so many tools available now for the New Year that I've tried some out and like them. I'll be sharing some of my favorites later.

We have a funeral to attend today. Our good friend and local Youth Leader's dad died on Christmas. Another I HATE CANCER slogan to shout! There's been too many lately, but thankfully we can rejoice that they're in Heaven with Jesus and without pain and suffering here on Earth. We know these people have committed their lives to Jesus and are certifiably in Heaven as the Bible says. Hallelujah.

The sun is shining, the snow is melting and God is good!