My best friend, always.

 Belle after her surgery in September, losing a hind leg to cancer.

 Scotch, the kitty and Belle all hanging out after the Marine deployed again in NC.

 Belle's first time swimming with a life jacket on because she was AFRAID of water, even being a lab. 
Arkansas family visit/vacation.

 Belle and the Marine hiking Telgraph Pass in Yuma, Arizona.  ( I was behind them taking pics.)

 Belle stealing the ottoman and turning it int a bed of sorts. She didn't quite fit, but she didn't care about that.

 Belle and the Marine visiting in Ohio with my family.

 Her crazy half smile and half and her gorgeous blue and brown eyes.

 Deployments pictures again.

 Crazy Thanksgiving, begging for food and the flash caught it just right. This was her first Thanksgiving with us.

Hanging out with the Marine and her favorite, RAWHIDES.

Cancer is an ugly thing. 
It stole Belle away from us yesterday at 1600.
We had to make the choice to put her down.
Cancer had broken her other back leg. 

So very very ugly.
Not ready to leave my doggie 
 since she was going to turn nine in February.

The house is empty today.
Her bed, her collar, her food dishes remain.
ready to be emptied, cleaned, vanished out of sight.

What's a home without doggie kisses, doggie hair, clicking of nails on the floor, chewing of rawhides, slurping of water.... and cuddles after leaving the house for any amount of time?

It's not real yet. 
She's been part of our family almost our entire marriage. 
So many habits we formed were because of Belle.
We feel like changed/different/ unsure of ourselves now.
What do we do now that we don't have to come home to let her out, to play with her, spend time with her?

Belle had a good life.
Born in Virginia, moved to Mass via Sterling Animal Shelter.
Adopted by Us in Massachusetts.
Moved to North Carolina.
Moved to Arizona.
Moved to Indiana.
Traveled to Ohio and Arkansas countless times to visit family.
Swam in Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Lake Erie, and Countless lakes and rivers.
Hiked the Painted Desert.
Hiked in MA and NC.
Kayaked barrier reefs.
Made snow tunnels in Mass. 
Had friends EVERYWHERE we went. 
Everyone loved her.
Everyone freaked when they first saw her because she's big and black, but grew to love her.
She was so very lovable and loyal. 
Just two weeks ago she was following me room to room as I was cleaning.
She would sigh every time she moved because she just wanted to be close to me and I kept moving.
Lover of ice cubes, peeps, and rawhides.
Keeper of the house while the Marine was always gone.

And I'll be all alone when he leaves now.


Kaylee said…
Oh, dear. How I wish I could give you a hug or have words that would somehow comfort. Losing a best doggie friend can be so hard - as I type this, tears are coming to my eyes, because I remember when a beloved canine passed away in my life. So sorry for your loss.
*Katie* said…
Reading your post made me hug my pups a little tighter today. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Megilon said…
I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It is never easy to lose a fur baby but especially when she is so young. If only we could send hugs via internet. Hugs to you.