2011 Awesome Pics

I found these pictures on my memory card and thought yall might like them, too. 
They're a few highlights from June-December in Ca, Az, In.
Great times, great friends and family and fabulous memories.
Apparently I LOVE SeaWorld and Zoos.
Oh, and water droplets.
Who knew?
Indy's Baby Elephant.
San Diego's Shamu Family Member

 Who can resist this cute little baby elephant? 
So Much character and spunk. 
It was feeding time and the little one kept running back and forth between two groups of momma Elephants. Adorables.

 See, I can play twister, too!! Let me join!!

 Every ZOO needs a two headed giraffe, right? 
It would be hard to play peek-a-boo by yourself. 

 Here Kitty Kitty. 
Why are you so adorable and fluffy?

 He's gonna eat me.
Srsly, he's looking RIGHT at me.

 Shamu went on a picture diet, apparently, OOPS.

 Living the life in the sun.
Oh wait, there's no snow?!

 You look like a seal.
May I eats you?
Another creepy carnivore staring picture.

 Oh happy yellow leaves.
Yes, it's not fall but aren't these HAPPY looking? 
I think so.
They even gave me a sweat several months back when I raked them all up.

 Gorgeous blue spruce needles and melting snow. 
It's a gift directly from God.

 Oh, and the beloved cedar with snow.
Don't ya love how cedar trees smell like Christmas?
Or, if you're the my Marine, they smell like pee.
His senses are messed up!

 Long leaf pine needles and more melting snow.
Not as pretty, but still a cool couple of droplets in slow motion.

 This is just one of my favorites!
Look how color coordinated this picture is!
It screams Christmas and winter.
Red, white, blueish green.
Oh, and walnut colored wood.
This is my front side yard.
Awesome, eh?


Kaylee said…
I liked these. And your commentary. Put a smile on my face :)