Happy Monday!!

Happy Monday!
I wanted to share with you my happy new comforter I picked up today.
It's so fresh and happy.
I am sure the Marine's going to HATE loathe it, but it's staying!
It'll be perfect for summer time sleeping, right now it is one of THREE blanket type things I sleep under.
The cold and sleep and me do NOT mix at all. 
Cute, right?
The design is daisy flowers.
I've been desiring this for almost a month now.
But today, I purchased it for only $15 at Goodwill and it's brand new.
It was sent to Goodwill because there was a black marker line on it.
I washed it and said black marker line is GONE!

Tomorrow I'll share my Goals update of January including the book I chose to read and the Book of the Bible I chose to read as well as any insight.


Kristi said…
Goodwill is the best!
Kaylee said…
Woo-hoo for Goodwill finds and even better that said marker came out!!! I like it!!