Ice Ice Baby.

Snow, sleet, rain, hail. 
All of it has precipitated down upon us in the past 24 hours. 
The main roads are clean, the rest are fun to drive down.

And I worked out at church this morning, with a new ministry.
Uber fun.
In the start of that, I purchased new workout shoes that aren't for trail running. 
My shoes were tearing up my yoga mat and I happen to adore my yoga mat because the Bestie purchased it for me.
So, I got puma shoes. 
They make me feel like I am walking on clouds. 
via google

And I picked up two end tables/ night stand things today.
They're sturdy, decent sized and I paid $10 for both.
I've primed and painted both.
One is yellow.
The other is two different grays; Restoration Hardware's FLINT and Martha Stewart's Seal. 
Boo@ 4 ounce sample sized paint @ Restoration Hardware. 
It isn't enough for a project other than painting picture frames.
However, I did fall in love with the paint and will await a paint sale before purchasing more.


And I've been watching moves while priming and painting.
MoneyBall was amazing.
I love Baseball and baseball movies.
The Marine does not.
I have to watch them when he's not around, which he's not this weekend.