Monday Update.

Happy New Year! 
It's officially 2012 and I actually wrote that when writing the date yesterday. 
It feels a little strange with all the 2012 doomsday-esque movies and world ending agendas.
2012 always felt so far away. 
But now, it's HERE; dwelling among us just like Jesus did.

Which makes me think of this sign.
(via Pinterest)

How have you started off the New Year?
Any BIG plans, adventures, goals, dreams, ambitions?
Typically I start that stuff on Feb 1, my birthday, when everyone else's resolutions have passed by already.
This year I am ready, energized, waiting.
We watched Louie Giglio's newest Dvd Last Night; New Year, New You.
If you have ever followed along on his Ashley story, just know that her dad has FINALLY accepted Jesus and has been a Christian for almost a year now!
It's a beautiful story.
Check out "Fruitcake and Ice Cream" to catch up if you have NO CLUE what I am referring to.
Or check out the Passion 268 Blog
AND if you're really wanting to get a great start on the New Year,
Watch the LIVE FEED tonight at 7pm, EST for Passion 2012.
The main sessions are shown for freeeeee.
God's doing BIG things with this Conference.
Via google images

So, Day two into the New Year and it has snowed. It's barely covering anything on the ground, but it looks pretty and significantly dropped the temperatures last night.
We went from higher 40s to 25 in a matter of hours.
Which doesn't seem that different but almost fifties is different from freezing, {{literally}}temps.

Oh, and it's purging time around here. 
AND office rearranging/organizing.
and crossing things off the to-do list.
and cleaning out paper clutter.
and making loads of trips to Goodwill to drop off, not shop.
Welcome 2012.
God is praying for me.
God is interceding for me.
God loves me.
and I am COHEIRS with Christ.
How can it NOT be a good year?