Parks and WRECK.

Welcome to Military Monday Blog Hop.

I am Jen, married to a Marine (hence the blog name).
We're stationed in Indianapolis; not at a base.
It's like getting a taste of Civilian Life while still held by the military.
There isn't a commissary, base housing, PX/BX, etc, no local FRG, no sense of military "community" life.
Indianapolis is HUGE (12th largest city in the USA) so everyone is spread throughout the city.
Plus, the reserves outweigh the Active Duty Marines so the place isn't as active during the week.
There are endless phone calls and e-mails that come through on the blackberry, though.
My Marine is Active Duty.

I however do not have a "job".
I am a Compassion International Advocate.
Youth Activities Director.
VeggieTales Ambassador.
Coffee-Mate Brew Crew Member.
Taste-Tester for Ocean Spray.
Psst Member.
Chex Mix Hostess.
House Party Hostess.
These are the things that keep my quite busy and entertained.
They also like to send my free stuff, too, which is RAD!

But, I do have my B.A. in Parks and Recreation Management; which I received WAY before that show came into existence.

My focus was on Non-Profits so that one day the Marine and I can hang out at a church camp ALL life long. Or Maybe travel the globe helping churches. Both would be awesome sauce.

No one wants to hire a College grad with experience in working for God at churches and camps.
At least none that move every two-ish years, which is reflected on my resume.

And my PAID work experience references are either dead or no longer employed with said companies.
This is why no one hires me.

So, this is our life and such.


Jamie said…
Nice to meet you! Its hard to work and be a mil spouse.
Just_Megs said…
Just stopped by from the blog hop :) Nice to meet you!
Rachel said…
Just came over from the blog hop :)