Eleven years ago, I became

Eleven years ago @ 0800 I became his Wife.
The Marine handed over his heart and his last name.
We handed over our Marriage to God.

After some calculating, the Marine has been gone about 50% of the past 11 years.
Yet, we still have date nights on Tuesdays,
 we still hold hands in public,
we still sit thisclose in church and most public places.
I guess we still like each other a lot.
Yes, we stil argue, we still pick fights, but we pick our battles.
He can really be a butthead sometimes and I can really be Mrs. Butthead sometimes.
But forgiveness, mercy, love, grace; Things our FATHER has taught us, grow and blossom in our marriage.
We're still so goofy when we're together, too.
He makes the corniest jokes and we laugh at previews of cartoons together.
I try on ridiculous hats and he says I'm beautiful.
I wait every time he leaves.
I pray for his heart, his mind, his personality every time he leaves.

And our next adventures await us in the next 11 years and beyond.
I am so proud of the Man I married and who he has become in Jesus and in the Marine Corps.
He's an amazing guy and I have YET to meet anyone who thinks any different. (well, maybe his minions).

So, Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day, my Marine.

And to you, Happy Valentine's Day!