My heart's getting changed.
Towards what, I am unsure.
But adoption keeps popping up everywhere I turn.
Blogs, church, Compassion, the Bible.
And Africa.
Most specifically the Horn of Africa and all those fabulous countries: Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia.
Those that faced a HUGE drought this past season and are undergoing wars because of lack of food, water, basic essentials.
It's so heartbreaking and annoying as I sit here in my warm house, with loads of food in my pantry, clean water to flush my toilet, and a wealth (regular military paycheck) I often take for granted.

Then there are organizations like back on my feet
that provide strength, dignity, motivation,  and endurance to those who are trying to make a life for themselves after being shattered and homeless.
OR, helping a PTSD Veteran re-intigrate into life outside of a war zone again.
or things like GallantFew who develop new ways for Veterans to become workers outside of military jobs.

Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly.
A place for pregnant KENYAN women to call home when there are no other options.
Founded by a family in Texas with a heart as big as Texas.
Eight girls currently living there, at least FIVE babies born within the past year.
God is alive DAILY in these girls LIVES through Bible Study, nutrition, medicinal care, skill sets being learned.

And Compassion.
Sponsoring over one MILLION Children in Jesus' Name; releasing each child from poverty as they're provided food,water, clothing, Bible Study, Church, school tuition.
Christ Centered.
Child Focused.
Church Based.
Committed to Integrity.
These are the principles that allow Compassion to be set apart from other organizations.
26 DIFFERENT countries world-wide and growing.
We are growing the KINGDOM one day at a time.

I'll leave you with this song.
It's a secular song, but you can still feel the worship in it.
Amazingly beautiful voices being used for God.