an Important discovery...

Things I've discovered today:

Eating a meatball sandwich from Subway and having a meatball escape from the back and land on the floor is no fun when there's no drooling doggie around to snatch it up.

The perfect drink combo is 3/4 diet pepsi and 1/4 pepsi from the fountain only.

I can't play percussion when I have to think about how to play it. If there's too much thought about it, I'll screw up and miss an entire pre-chorus. (and then my face turns red)

Forgetting to read last month's magazines will result in things like having to now choose between reading Food Network's LIGHT Issue(Jan/Feb) vs. Food Network's Chocolate issue (march). 
Indianapolis' gas prices fluctuate as much as the weather this winter. Last weekend thanks to the SuperBowl: $3.59 and fortyish temps. This weekend: $3.19 and almost twenty degree temps with an even LOWER wind chill. 

I never got a "birthday cake" this year. I got a few birthday cupcakes, but no cake that said Happy Birthday on it. Some traditions must be broken.

My sister is on a wheat allergen kick, exclaiming it's the newest answer to her health woes...and everyone else's. 

and finally my cellular device REALLY hates Indianapolis. It receives random calls/texts and if there's too many at once, it'll restart itself while sitting happily on a table alone, with nothing around it to touch it. 
It also will restart itself during a phone call and then once I turn it back on, not tell me WHO called.
and texts..oh the texts...

What have you learned lately?