Is brown the new Black?

I have found a new love for my iPod.
Since joining a gym on my birthday(!!!) I've used the snot out of it. 
Itunes needs some new music, so I am FINALLY adding all the cds I've purchased over the 2ish years.
Chris August, Addison Road, Passion Cds, Britt Nicole, Chris Tomlin, etc.
Rockin' workout music.
Oh, and all the worship cd music I've received. 

I've been listening to Podcasts as well.
Good ones.
MOVING ones.

Jimmy Carter interviews.
I can't say I agree with his politics, but check out this quote
"We have to ACCEPT what God gives us."
Nail on the head!
Also, he created a devotional.
Isn't that the life cycle we all live in?
At least physically, spiritually, and mentally a few times in our lives?!
Great stuff.
Oh, and reading the Bible in Spanish every night with his wife just to keep sharp in the language?

And Katie. 
Imagine adopting 13 children by the time you're 23 
from UGANDA.
Turning life upside-down and making a forever home in a foreign land.
Following and believing GOD and HIS plan for her life.
Heart-warming, challenging, encouraging.

First World Problems?
The Patriots lost.
Giants won, the Manning Family celebrated once again.
Peyton WAS there watching, even though he wasn't televised in order to keep the camera on his brother.
Family Love.
Best ten minutes of football I've seen in a long time.
Only the Giants could score a touchdown by losing balance and FALLING into the end zone.
As for the commercials: the only thing I have to say is "I'm sexy and I know it!" 
And halftime: so not a fan of female crotch shots and innuendo dance moves.
However, the dancing penguins/nuns were kinda funny.
And life in Indianapolis will never be the same since the Super Bowl came.
to town that is.
Way to go Indianapolis on a job WELL done.
Trees planted, recreation centers "grant"ed, streets jazzed up, education funds pumped up, hospitality maxed out, and God given a second, third, fourth chance for some people. 
I can see Indianapolis will have a shot among the top ten big cities in the USA someday soon.
We're currently holding steady at number 12. 
I love and cherish my new "hometown".

What happened in your neck of the woods this weekend?