Putting on the Ritz.

Another weekend to chronicle life in Indianapolis, alone.
I can't complain because it gives me time to catch-up without the stress of lining my schedule up with the Marine's schedule.
Do you know how awesome it is to workout mid-day rather than at the evening, post-work rush at the gym?
Yet, I love working out with the Marine and coming home to shower and cook dinner together.
It's fun and we make some fun times in that kitchen, without the "what do you want for dinner" Abbott and Costello routine that is typical of weeknight dinners.
While he's been gone this time I splurged on some pretties for my nails:
Turquoise and caicos

A Cut Above
Aren't they the cutest colors for Valentine's Day? (or Miami Vice)
Yes, good.

And I'm digging into this thing called WORSHIP a bit further than just playing in the Praise/Worship Team every Sunday.
It's thrilling and thought-provoking and eye-opening. 
I'll write a post on it once I'm done with this particular book.

Adoption informations came in the mail yesterday.
Exciting, heart-wrenching stuff.
But, a step forward.
Choices, prayers, decisions to be made.

Oh, and Magazines are attacking me at an alarming rate.
I received SIX different ones in the mail yesterday.
The mail lady probably hates me now.
At least I finally get to read them on the treadmill/elliptical/cross-trainers at the gym now.
Always fun reads when you skip over the advertisements, sex articles, and editorial comments.
There's not much left after that depending on the magazine. 
And yes, I don't pay for my magazine subscriptions.
And yes, they DO get recycled after I rip my name off of them.

Oh, and there be rumors that Indianapolis did such an AMAZING job hosting the SuperBowl that they're thinking about returning in 2017.
Way to go COLD-WEATHER Indianapolis showing up WARM places to play.