Tuesday Travel

It's officially PCS Season in the USMC Family.
Orders are popping up all across my Facebook and blog screen all over the place.
Camp Pendleton, Camp LeJeune, etc.
However, not many people have received the orders we always get: Yuma, Cherry Point, I&I.
And there are loads of stereotypes about these areas.
We happen to love them.
Although I do MISS being surrounded by a military community because the people around these parts haven't really lived anywhere else and don't know much about any dealing with the military.
It was the same thing in Massachusetts.
In fact it is so annoying that one guy even will say that his Friend was in the Marine Corps and says he does it "army" style. Uhm, no that would be MARINE CORPS STYLE, they're NOT interchangeable.
(Not to start an cross-miltary discussion but they're DIFFERENT for a reason; Marines aren't the Army and vise-versa. They're not ALL soldiers, but they're all military!)
And I keep thinking about Hawai'i. Of all the places, we've turned down Hawai'i TWICE now because we had a dog.
Well, said dog isn't around any longer.
Okinawa would be nice, but it's better to visit than be stationed there according to the Marine who has been there twice already.
I'm okay with anywhere we haven't been stationed.
Which is dumb to be thinking about this because we haven't even been here an entire year, yet.
And it'll make certain Best Friends sad knowing that my first choices aren't back towards them.
But, we've already been to those areas and we know how easy it would be to not challenge our faith by doing the same things we've always done by helping with the same families/youthins, doing the same things and hoping it works.
Even though I miss them like CRAZY!!!
There are no words to describe how much I miss them; NO WORDS!
But again, it's never our choices, it's God's choices decisions.
We just say, yes, okay, well that's an interesting turn of events, etc.
6 PCS moves, 11 years now for us as a married couple.
10 PCS moves, 15 years for the Marine.
We've been around the USA and back a few times and the Marine's been around the world and back more than a few times.
So, the saying is true: join the military, see the world.