Turning 31.

It's completely and totally my BIRTHDAY TODAY.
 In celebration I'll be sleeping alone in my bed. (The Marine's outta town again!)
Getting a pedi.
And finding the perfect Strawberry Cupcake.
Oh, and moving things around so my sister can come take over/move in. *
Let's not forget Bible Study and Worship Practice Tonight.

My completely amazing Birthday wardrobe fashioned by the best people in da world!
What does it say when my bday gifts come solely from THINGEEK.COM? 
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock!

A slogan I overuse.

And of course, somehow I am up six hours after going to bed.
It'll be a sleepy birthday.
And I have some free food to eat today, as well.
iHop, TGIFridays, etc.
Of course I don't think I could eat at both those places in one day.
If I was in North Carolina, I'd be stopping by Rucker John's for the club salad with ranch.

Oh yes.
Please send all the prayers you can with my sister moving in because her and I religious/lifestyle values and ways are much much different.
I wear jeans, cut my hair, watch movies, have internet and believe I am going to Heaven without a DOUBT!
My sister and niece do none of the above.
It'll be an adjustment period.
And they'll arrive before the Marine comes home, so that'll be even weirder.

*But no one really knows this part, so shhhh.


Happy 31st Birthday!! I will be turning 31 also 3 weeks from today!!
Happy b-day!

I'm guessing your sister is LDS?? That should be interesting for sure. Still, if she's a guest in your home, I would guess that she'd respect your beliefs, you know?