yarrr, there be no more Pirates.

New blog design.
Yep, can't make up my mind.
I loved adored the pirates, but it wasn't a design I could play around with.
It was someone else's creative outlet, not my own.
This one suits me for right now and I can add pictures and sidebar items all day long without being on a waiting list to do it.

Onto the exciting life stuff:
Saturday  I got to co-lead/help the workout class we've been participating in the past six weeks. 
It made the time go by a lot faster and got me out of my comfort zone.
Which is what I've been doing a lot lately.
Comfort is so over-rated, right?
I love a good challenge.

Also, Friday night was my first ever PLANNED youth event at our new Church.
Three showed up.
Not enough to make what I planned any fun.
Reverse Hide n Seek with lights off and no phones.
In a church we hardly know.
and a personal bubble I can't pop.
It was a good time and loads of fellowship time was spent when the youthins stayed 90 minutes after scheduled "end" time.
God laughed at my plans, again.

Sunday was spent in church learning, worshipping, learning, learning, growing relationships, studying, and more learning.
Food + Baptists = Church  
Some things never change throughout the USA.
Some of my fondest memories were at the monthly Tureen/Potluck dinners.

And today's agenda:
Rock the neighbors with my learning drum skills.
I'll wait a few more hours until I know they're awake first. 
No sense in being MEAN about my loudness, even though I am stuck picking up their beer cans from my yard...

AND It's almost March and I'll be giving my Year-Long reading plan update for February this week.
Stay Tuned!


Kaylee said…
I like the new design!