Better than Superman!

We've been having a bucket of fun here this weekend.

Small group Sunday Night ended with RockBand for children under 11! Check out the excitement on my nephew's face about DRUMMING! I am so proud. I'm thinking Drumset for Birthday or Christmas and we'll see how often the in-laws come back after that hehe.

The Marine's building the pergola! It's 9.5 feet tall! It's giant. And large. and in CHARGE! He's tweaked the plans for the back yard, so overall we'll be having a HUGE garden and smaller grape vines, if they produce this year. They were chopped back and tied up to the pergola in hope that the overgrowth and black rot is gone. 

Pretty Trader Joe's Flowers. I love all the spring colors together. This picture just make me happy with nature showing off the majesty of God.

Our Pure Girls Band. I was the tallest and OLDEST. The girl next to me, Justice... her MOM is 31. *sigh*. I was also told I look 15. Apologies for the goofy look on my face, I was waiting impatiently to tear down the cymbals and was interrupted by this pic. Plus I typically don't smile often in pictures. hehe.

But it was a FUN weekend. God-filled. God-Lead God-Empowered. I can't wait to see what next weekend has in store!!