He is faithful.

Toby is apparently fitting in nicely now that the In-laws have left. They believe in treating a puppy as a baby and let him do whatever HE wants to do. That doesn't fly in this household at all.
SO far today I've taken a hair tie,  two random plastic pieces, rice krispie treat wrapper, and greenies bone wrapper out of his mouth. Oh, what fun.
I've also endured minutes of endless barking at himself in the mirrors in the bedroom as well as him nipping at me for taking plastic out of his mouth. I'm not a fan!

 I get to torture him like this, too. He shivers without blankets constantly wrapped around him or without sun baths. It's ridiculous.

But I did pray this past week to open our home and make it God's, not mine since technically it's HIS anyhow. This just shows that He's faithful to His word and I'll say YES once again.

In-laws will return in three weeks with the sister-in-law's sister (whom is also named JEN) that I've enver met nor am related too.  It's a week long vacation for them while I must turn my Martha attitude into a Mary attitude, and possibly buy paper plates hehe.

I've gotten mixed reviews about opening my home and being a great hostess. People say I must make it too easy for people to come visit that they don't want to leave. I thought that's just showing Christian and familial love? Am I wrong? I don't wait on them hand and foot, but I make sure the linens, and towels are fresh and clean, there's food on the table during meals, and dishes are all washed up afterwards. I curb our movie selection to stuff the little guy can watch and will still spend time reading, playing online, and doing what I typically do in a day around the home.  Entertainment they want to do, see, etc is up to them. I am not the cruise ship director as they've been here six times in eight months; they should know their way around.

Sunday was an amazing service followed by a Celebration service of what our church means to us. The Marine and I both gave our testimonies, which shocked a few people because I spoke. (in real life apparently I am shy). Have you ever know a drummer/percussionist to be SHY?! hehe. I am an enigma.

Oh, and taxes are finalized, e-filed, and etc. YAY. I don't know why I put it off for so long, but it really frustrated me today and I had a pre-schooler melt-down moment when the Marine came home for lunch. oops.


Mrs. Y said…
I open my home a lot ;) (Won't say it is Christianly as it is G-dly we are Jews). I think it is the right thing to do. The only reason my home stay closed is to certain shipmates my husband has. If you can't respect me you don't get to shower at our home and stay in our spare bed IMHO.

I'm glad the dog is working out. Little dogs have to stay wrapped up. I would suggest a sweater. When we had a mini pin it is what we did. They have them on sale right now at the pet stores.

I don't think opening up your home to relatives is a bad thought. As these are your in-laws and you need a good relationship with them. Just make sure they are not taking advantage of it. As in visiting too long or too much. You need your own space too.
Found you on Military Monday Blog Hop! Great blog!
Liz @ FunnyPregnantLady
I'm so glad I got my taxes over and done with already, lol! You've got a cute family ;)