I can see your body movin'

Spring is in full gear in Indianapolis which just shocks me considering it came fast and furious.
One week it was 40/50s and now it's mid to upper 70s reaching higher temps than NC and AZ! It's awesome and yes, I already have pink skin. (sunscreen doesn't work on me even when I re-apply according to directions...anyone have a brand that WORKS?!)

The Marine's out building the pergola for the garden and then we'll be working on raised garden beds! How exciting!! Who knew that we could be doing this in MARCH when it's typically a dreary rainy, cold, windy, icy kinda WINTER weather in the Midwest.

We have flowers, too. Crocus, Daffodils, Tulips popping up. And trees all have green on them. So pretty.
And since it's Song Link-up Time and I have mariachi music running through the neighborhood, this jam seems appropriate. Plus, the latin percussion is to DIE for!!  I would love to play those drums.  (and I did in High School..timbales are latin percussion! hehe)


Kaylee said…
My kids are listening to these on repeat during breakfast. Too funny - they like the pumping music and it's kicking my booty in gear to vacuum :)
Mrs.B said…
Love me some Shakira!

I wish I could move my body like that!
Shakira is definitely my girl crush! Love her songs and dances so much !
Mrs. H said…
Shakira's ALWAYS good for body shakin'! :D