I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts!

Coconut Oil is my newest obsession.
It's good for practically anything under the sun.

Chapped lips? Smear some on and it has SPF 4!
Dry Skin? Slather it in for a few minutes and rinse off.
Dry scalp? Better than any dandruff shampoo.
Nail Fungus? Slide some over the problems areas, and it'll be gone.
Cast iron pans need oiled? Slather some coconut oil and it'll be done in less time.
Indigestion? Take 2 teaspoons.
And it smells sweet like candy, not overwhelming like tanning lotion.
Also, try coconut creme Coffee-Mate creamer.
It's like a vacation in your mouth!

It's amazing the stuff that Coconut Oil can do. 
We favor it for grilled cheese 'round these parts!
It's the Marine's new lunch routine: coconut oil on the cast iron pan, pre-heat roast beef on pan, add coconut oil butter to slices of bread, add provolone cheese, toast entire sandwich like grilled roast beef and cheese!
At least it typically looks and smells good. 
I prefer regular grilled cheese or ham and cheese.

There are many drum sets, but THIS one is MINE!
Along with the guy fixing the overhead microphone. 
And this is the church where I start playing SET on Sunday!
Can you believe that?
I've been playing for a couple months and now, they want me to play for Worship services!
I can do this I can do this...
Also, my Pure Girl Event is coming up and I'll be rockin' out at that with my shiny new drums, too.
And I've just been informed that I am leading the workout again tomorrow.
Yay for challenges.
(this would be a challenge in patience as the neighbor's tree limbs fell on our house and electrical lines for the third time since May and the owner is in Florida. DO you see all those tree limbs on the ground on the other side of the fence? Those are the limbs that have fallen ONTO our house!)

What has challenged you lately?


Jamie said…
I might go pick some coconut oil up. Sounds so versatile!
Kristi said…
Visiting from the Blog Hop but I'm already a follower. I can't stand coconut anything! I always feel like I am eating suntan lotion.