round-house, uppercut slam.

This entire month so far has been getting me out of my comfort zone in Indianapolis. I don't mind because there are changes that take place that truly change my heart and desires, but it can sometimes be overwhelming, too. I've spoken to my church about my testimony, lead the workout on Saturdays on my own, AND played my drum set during the music part of the worship service. Three things that haven't happened at any other church. Three things that have allowed my faith to grow and my heart to soar and bloom into new experiences.

Every church we attend sparks my faith into new and exciting ways to be used for God's glory. With percussion, it's finally using the talent I acquired so many years ago through school and put on the back burner always wanting more. It's breaking through my fear, my pride, my walls and opening up an entirely new part of my heart.  I do have to say THANK YOU to my parents who allowed me to choose percussion at a tender age of 10 and never let me quit because they knew I'd love it once I could figure it all out! After three YEARS of "playing" via 5-7th grades and not really practicing at home (because the neighbors HATED it) I found my rhythm and never lost it. I don't even have to think about it anymore, because it comes natural to me. Clapping on two and four, constantly tapping foot, leg, fingers, it's part of life for me. And I thank GOD that He's given me that talent and I am FINALLY sharing it for HIM (21 years later..good golly!)
The view from actually PLAYING drums and cymbals clanging...
It's blurry due to my movement of playing and pic taking.
I'm a crazy multi-tasker!

Jillian Michaels has a new KICKBOXING dvd out in stores! I picked up at my local Best Buy and watched it this morning. It looks butt-kicking for sure. It'll slim anyone down in time for Spring Break and Bikini weather. There are THREE different levels and each progress into tougher workouts. There are ZERO warm-ups (which I actually prefer because really, who isn't moving around before they workout?) and just movement after butt-kicking movement. Quite inspiring and I can't wait to jump in once I fully re-hydrate myself.

Garden planning is still occurring and our "plan" is to have it completed this week with seeds, cedar planks, dirt, etc before the in-laws come back to town for another visit. DO yall have any garden favorites that you just HAVE to plant or buy every year? We're looking to expand our normals and wondering what people use, too.


Kristi said…
The weather is finally warming up out here so I am diving into the garden in just a few more days! I'm very excited. My must have garden plants are tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.
Mrs. Y said…
I am from Indianapolis :) I was raised south of there, called Indianapolis my home for many years. Until I moved to Virginia. There are some awesome things to do that don't quite need anyone to step outside their comfort zone.