I haven't blogged my normal schedule this week because we were bombed with news.
The in-laws are now here for the SIXTH time in the eight months we have lived here.
AND my MIL's best friend died and had two dogs.
They were able to get rid of one of them, but now we're stuck with the second one until MIL's cat or dog kicks the bucket, which could be YEARS!
It's a chihuahua/weiner dog combo.
The only dog I've ever seen like that is 200% UGLY, yappy, all tongue, and annoying.

I am not pleased with this one bit, and neither is Chris.
But it's all MIL has left of her BFF...
(oh, and the place MIL lives will only allow her two pets at a time, that's why we get the dog.)
(plus BIL can't have pets where he lives..)
This is a conspiracy, I know it.

How am I going to deal with a high maintenance dog when I just got used to my freedom of not having a dog after nine YEARS!!!??!?!


First world problems.