It's so fluffy!

Don't you love little things that make you smile and make a HUGE difference in the personality of your house? Enter these pretty pillows; Target cast-offs donated to GoodWill and scored for less than $6.99 each. I love how Target's clearance items become my favorite purchases at GoodWill. The blue pics up nicely against the dark blue walls and adjoining front room colors, too.
New pillow love

Adorable. Don't judge my less than stellar lamp shade cover that technically doesn't work but fits the lamp so I haven't changed it yet...or the thermostat trying to peek out. boring stuff.

Not much has happened lately. I ran my first mile in 13 years today! I haven't run a mile since High School; at least not willingly. So today I tried it and I succeeded trying to OUT DO those Biggest Loser people who say running at 6.0 is a miracle. I say it wasn't all that hard.

This is the neighbors' tree that kept falling on our house. It's been taken down and placed in pieces in our backyard. No more calls to the electric company because a tree limb is dangling.


You can see the rotten pieces in this pic. I loved playing around with the settings because the lighting was perfect the other day. It was cloudy with a peek-a-boo of the sun right before dusk, my FAVORITE time of day.


Isn't this adorable? Tough Marine there, huh? He's going to kill me if he ever sees this pic on my blog. Thankfully He doesn't read it. But I find it irresistible. And to post it..even better. bahaha