I've been out and about sashaying through Indianapolis the past couple days.
Garden Browsing.
Stopping for the all important 44 oz of Diet Pepsi.

Meanwhile I've noticed a trend.
People keep saying "I NEED".
Ordering things and saying NEED.
I've heard in several different places 
"I need two packs of menthol, green, shorts"
"I NEED mac and cheese with carrots and soda"
"I need Chicken Salad with Cuban Sandwich"
"I need a pedi"

Manners have certainly disappeared.
First world problems.

And let me not get started on the cigs NEEDS.
I need fresh air while mowing my yard, sitting at a red light with my windows down, walking my neighborhood.
All places I've had to inhale their EXHALE lately.
 And more first world problems.

Has anyone run a half marathon?
I've got something stirring that might make me actually run/participate/enjoy it.
Any suggestions?