Out with the old.

The Marine and I were galavanting yesterday.
We spent lots of great time together hanging out in various places like DAO, Midland Antiques, and a couple different local parks.
It was a PERFECT day together.
So perfect that we left phones in the car so there aren't any cool pictures to show you.

But, we did have a celebration this afternoon when we said good-bye to this thing

and HELLO to this:


Now it wont take 45 minutes to pre-heat and wont under-cook, over-cook, or anything else wonky unless I make it.

Oh happy heart! 
And happy FIVE burner stove for less than $350 with delivery! 

We're also choosing to go ahead with the Half Marathon.
I started training yesterday with kickboxing and will continue today as well.
Endurance, stamina, healthy foods.
We got this!

Also, I'm checking out a new app and website based on fitness and will be reviewing it later this week so stay tuned for that!

Exciting things are happening...