Peeping Bunnies.

Good Morning World.

Someone didn't get the memo that we're suppose to be awake yet! 
Or that acrobatics are for yogis, not puppies.

How about this adorable cake made by a friend for small group? It was delicious chocolate cake, chocolate chips and PEEPS! How adorable.
Thankfully there were peeps lovers abounding so I didn't have to try to eat those things!
Although the Marine and I tried PEEPSTERS at Target yesterday and ended up buying a bag of them.
They're chocolate with a marshmallow middle. 
I haven't decided whether or not I like them, but I keep eating them to figure it out. 
It's a weird pop of flavor, not like a gooey marshmallow, but like a truffle-esque (new word, yo!) filling of marshmallow.
I'll buy more after Easter to really try them out. 
Oh, happy Pergola. 
It's done, minus all the painting, but I think I'll leave it as it because I like it. 
The bench swings down into a table for playing in the garden harvest and potting.
The other side is going to have a pub table and chairs.
Both sides are covered in our grapes.
Can't wait for those to grow! 
nom nom nom.

Oh, and seeing family was amazing. 
I never realize how much I miss hanging out with them until I go visit.
Oh, the story times, the memories, the traditions, the laughing for endless hours even after burying our Grandmother.
She's in SUCH a better place now, worshipping God all the days.
She's no longer trapped in a body that won't allow her to speak, to comprehend, to hear, to eat, to function as a human. 
Pray for my grandpa.
He's going strong, but grandma's been his rock for almost 30 years. 
They got married when I was 2! That's a long time!
She's always been grandma, cooking, cleaning, librarian, quilting, volunteering time at church, always having a friendly smile or hug to offer even when she could no longer speak.
She wrote notes, and pointed and got her word across.
Grandma was a strong women who grew up on a farm and raised three children alone after her husband died from cancer. 
They vacationed across the USA, flew many places, boated other places, and had many laughs and arguments.


Kaylee said…
That pergola is awesome! Sorry about your Grandmother, but glad she is in a better place :)