Perfect Sacrifice

I mowed the lawn and the Marine weed whacked the yard once he fixed the weed whacker.
It only took an hour of mowing to complete the yard with my AWESOME Yardman push old school mower that uses ZERO gas or oil; just woman power.

I love how I captured the essence of me relaxing while the Marine's working.
It's funny. He did bring me a 44 oz diet pepsi to enjoy so he's adorable, right?


My other view while relaxing after mowing the yard. It was only 60 here today, but mowing in a hoodie worked up quite the sweat! Also, the first mow of the season with a push mower is always the hardest. I felt like an old lady pushing that thing across the yard!


Also received packages from UPS and FedEx today, but no mail. Weird, right?

This is my SILK Good Morning Party pack from House Party! I've been selected to host a party and mine is going to be in two weeks on a Sunday evening! We're having breakfast for dinner to show how EASY it is to prepare at any time of the day! I can't wait to show off the new Silk fruit+protein drinks! We love them here at our casa!


Enjoying a relaxing evening with the Marine and Toby.
We were watching War Horse, which is a good movie; semi-family friendly. It's a WAR movie, but not like 300 or anything. People die, horses live, that sort of thing. It is worth redbox pricing!

Also, it's Good Friday. Typically it's raining and thundering and such to meet the solemn mood of what happened to Jesus over 2000 years ago. But the sun is shining and making my mood reflect the JOY that comes with Easter, not the pain and suffering but the HOPE we have thanks to Jesus for being the perfect Sacrifice.

Chris Tomlin's Song "Jesus Son of God" explains it perfectly!
You laid down your prefect life, you are the sacrifice