Make a way for me.

Our latest bright idea! 
It's so comfy and blocked by all the creepers who walk by real slow on our side street.
And we're still trying to figure out the garden thing.
And we need to do it ASAP because my sister brought vegetable plants, our neighbor gave us some tomato plants, and our seedlings are taking over our house!
Maybe we DO "need" a small green house/garden shed after all.

My sister and niece have been in town and that's why I have been absent.
It hasn't been as argumentative as I thought it would be.
We do get into some theological debates but nothing ugly. 
Modesty versus Modesty.
Show skin from bottom of skirts and some v-necks shirts or show that I have two separate legs and butt cheeks in jeans/pants/workout pants.
I've seen more inappropriateness on their skirt handling and sitting than I have with me wearing pants!

We also did fun things like go to the zoo.
We saw this fella trying to get the nearest branches to come down and eat.
SO fun.
Also, the Female Lions were ROARING like I've only heard in movies.
The brown Bear wanted to eat humans.
(He was pacing like a madman and was seriously thinking about cross the TINY gap between his side and our side)
He kept watching me and looked me in the eyes a few times.
I think he wanted my cup.

That's what we've been up too.
Smores, late night conversations, garden plans, stories, zoo visits, smores, farmers markets, Worship Practice, Youth Burger Fundraiser, and eating veggies.
I tried bok choy and radishes for the first time.
Not too horrible.