Post-Modern Mother's Day.

First off, the Military Spouse Appreciation Blog Hop was a BLAST! I met loads of new "friends" and learned a lot, too. Thanks for the support.

Second. Mother's Day! It always starts off rough because I am not a "biological" mother yet nor have I officially adopted any children yet, either. Yet the Church leadership did something that helped heal that: They reminded us to recall our SECOND moms; those out there who have been like a mom to us through the years and that amazed me. Hanging out with youthins and teaching them does require that mothering skill we learn by imitating our mothers, practice, and skills given by God.

So, I chose to be part of something bigger than myself yesterday. Worship rocked at our churches and we had great fellowship time. Following that, we played in the garden. The tale here being that you never plant BEFORE Mother's Day. Well, yay let it officially be after Mother's Day and the plants can enjoy the earth surrounding their roots.


We can officially create the deck space, the garden surrounding the pergola, and the backyard entertainment areas once our table is uncovered from seedlings. I counted our pepper seedlings and if they ALL make it from here on out, there's fifty-seven plants! Holy Goodness that's a lot of roasted peppers, stuffed peppers, salsa, chinese stir-fry, and more. Our Tomato plants outweigh them, too! Loads of sauces, salsas, and produce to give away!

And of course for fruits we currently have a persimmon tree, grape vines, strawberries, and blueberry bushes! We're hoping to purchase a pink lemonade blueberry bush but the ones we found were dead in the store. I may purchase some more blueberry bushes today so we can have a fruitful harvest in a few years. Blueberries are great for smoothies, pies, pancakes, syrup, and yet so much cheaper than buying at the Farmer's Market!

Our Veggies this year shall be interesting. My sister brought up some of her vegetable leftovers and some of it is stuff we've not thought about growing before. She brought sun chokes, watermelon, garlic, and onions that we've never grown before. And also tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans that we have.  Plus, we have cucumbers, squash, zucchini, green beans, pinto beans, cantaloupe, peas, tomatillos, peppers, tomatoes, kale, broccoli, swiss chard, and a whole lot of herbs. I'll have to do a run down of the entire garden once it's all planted.

We'll soon have peppers and tomatoes already from being in the laundry room/greenhouse part of the seedling plantings. Habanero, poblano, green, red, carnival, kung pao peppers. Yum! I cannot wait to eat them.

Oh, and we FINALLY watched The Avengers in 3-D. It was AMAZING! The 2.5 hours flew by and their was so much packed into one movie it could be overwhelming if you didn't know the characters' backstories. But, amazing for what little I knew about each character. I didn't watch any cartoons or read comics growing up that featured the Avengers so this is all a first for me, and my nerdy self. Loved it. We read online that they're going to bring Spider-Man into the Sequel? Weird. But I do know that Iron Man will have a third installation and Captain America and Thor both get their own sequels as well. Let's just hope that the cast stays the same or we'll have loads of disappointed fans. (There's eye candy for everyone!)

Time to get out and be outside again. The weather has been great!