Memorial Hoosiers

The weekend's over, but the Memorial Day Festivities are just starting!
Thank You to all those families that have one less at their bbqs, their picnics, their family gatherings this weekend due to the ultimate sacrifice of freedom. 
The closest one we know lost their husband/daddy/brother/son this past week in Afghanistan. So fresh and raw on a day so close to remembering WHY we celebrate those in battle. 

There were/are/will be many many events around Indianapolis to celebrate and HONOR those who have fallen in wars throughout the history of our great Nation. There have been parades, ceremonies, governors, mayors, and secret service floating around. Not to mention Admirals, Chiefs of Staff, and other VERY high ranking military members that the Marine was able to hang with on stage during a ceremony.  What an honor! 
I'll leave you with just a TINY glimpse of the amazing Military Hospitality, events, and PRIDE that the Hoosiers have in their military.


Garrison Flag honoring the Military provided by the Indianapolis Fire Department.


Ceremony being set up.
 Army Band on stage with a women's choir!
War Memorial is a PERFECT place for a ceremony. 
Blocked streets, Military uniforms everywhere, and a fly over signifying the one left behind.

Happy Memorial Day and a HUGE Thank-YOU to our Military past and present.
Never forget what today really means!