You'll be in my heart...

In the jungle.. the mighty jungle.
Summer always reminds me of Tarzan.
Disney released it into theaters in the summer of 1999.
Star Wars Phantom Menace was also released that summer. 
My boss @church camp that year refused to let me go watch Star Wars (it was a midnight showing and I had to be in the kitchen before 6am) but I was able to see Tarzan! 
And I own the soundtrack.
Phil Collins rocked the Disney movies back then.
Itunes brings him back in style. 
After recently putting all my non-Christian 90s CDs into itunes, I can rock out to Phil Collins, Enya, Josh Groban, Alanis, Jewel and other girl rock of the 90s I was apparently in love with. 
I also realized how FAR Christian music has come since the 90s! 
Oh my goodness those songs crack me up.
Such a time warp.

And speaking of Jungles:

Check out our garden progress. 
We've moved the beds once again because we cannot make our minds up.
I am feeling a patio surrounded by beds and corn and roses and pretties.
I also picked up three blueberry bushes to plant near our full sun and acidic soil near the pine trees!
Pines are good for something other than needles, pinecones, and scented branches in the winter.
They also keep blue hydrangeas BLUE! 
YAY. I want to get some hydrangeas to block nosy neighbors from peeking into our yard.
We have roads on three sides of our home...not exactly PRIVATE anywhere...
Not even in our homes because you can see straight into our house from neighbors' backyards if our curtains are open. geeez, right?

And another project I am also working on:
Sneak peek of new office

An office sneak peek.

It needs storage or something. I don't know.
It's a mish-mash of things right now.
It's nerdy-girlie-esque.
We don't know what to do with this room, really.