Zoomin' on Joy.

Restoration and Joy.
Joy and Restoration.
These are the things I am learning recently.
They're recurring lessons and themes in Church studies, Bible readings, books, and people around me.
And the songs Restoration and Come Ye Sinners are playing on repeat in my brain.


And with all that seriousness, how about a TORNADO slice on the menu?


Or one of five baby bunnies that my dog discovered in the yard. They're not even 10 days old because their eyes aren't opened. They're growing every time we check on them. (no, we're not touching them because momma bunny wouldn't come back for them!). But seriously, we have FOUR adult bunnies (aka rabbits) and now five lil baby bunnies to ban from our garden. It's hard because they're so adorable.

And the Indy 500 is six days away.
We have two extra tickets.
The choice now is go to church that morning then to the race or just straight to the race.
I'm thinking church first because (a) I have to worship MY GOD and (b) I am playing drums, too.
My priorities are God, not a silly race.
But we had Garage Passes to yesterday's events.
That was fun and fabulous and hot.
106 degrees on the black pavement at the track.
yowzers, give me AZ heat instead.
Humidity is for the crazies.

Garden update coming soon.
We're hopefully planting/transplanting most of it today and tomorrow.

I've planted lavender, roses, hostas, and moved some juniper around so far.