Cedar Points.

No one told me this marathon training was going to kill me.
I can't breathe.
I am a shallow breather doing normal regular stuff.
Add in stuffiness from the rain/clouds and I almost passed out while running because I couldn't breathe properly.
It was only a mile.
A mile I've run many times before with ZERO problems.

The garden of 2012 is almost completely in the ground.
 I hope to finish it up today and then make the trellis systems for vertical stuff.
There's only cantaloupe and pumpkins left to plant.
(and of course more plantings in July &August for the fall plants) and then fall planting takes off.
We're hopefully going to do four-seasons gardening out of this.
We harvest our first product of out the garden: a fresh tomatillo.
It was pretty good.
I've never had a fresh one; it was like a peppery tomato with pineapple hints.
No wonder they make GREAT Salsa Verde.

And I'm going to Cedar Point with the Youthins this weekend. 
It's a lock-in followed by a 0400 wake up call and drive to Cedar Point followed by all day rides and a hotel stay and pool on Sunday Morning.
It'll be great times and I'll get to know the youthins a lot better this way.
And since the youth leader himself doesn't ride roller-coasters, I'm the designated SCREAMER rider.
To a point. 
There's some I refuse to go on. 
I like living.
X2 in Six Flags California was enough scare for one lifetime.

What's your favorite coaster ride?
Or do you enjoy the finer things like Carousels ??