I'm in North Carolina.
It's been two weeks since I've been in Indianapolis! 
And since then I've been to Atlanta, Jacksonville NC, Savannah Georgia, Daytona Beach Florida, Florence South Carolina and back to Jacksonville/Swansboro NC. I fly out tonight to go back to Indianapolis. 

There's been a whirlwind of things going on around here; mainly hanging out with the Bestie and family and youthins. It's been a blast seeing how the youth have grown over the past three years and meet some new youthins as well. 
And beach time. There's ALWAYS time for the beach and sunrise pictures. And Sand. And a new pair of TOMS shoes. 

When I get back, they'll be a barrage of pictures, event stories, WOW moments, and thoughts from camp. Along with laundry, unpacking, and naming my newwwww penguin. 

Oh, and seeing what the Marine's been up to since I've been gone. He says he's been busy busy; staying up till 0200 getting projects done. I can't wait to see them.