The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday morning. I fell asleep around 9:30 out of sheer boredom because I didn't feel like doing anything; no reading, no pinterest, no facebook, no television,  etc. And so sleep was good because the Marine was watching something boring on television. See a theme? boring, bored... I awoke at 0330. BORED. I was dreaming and it was boring as well. So in my unconscious state of boredom, I woke up. And then realized I can't do anything. The Marine would wake up if I turned on the t.v., or read on my nook. Joey, the brother in law would wake up if I went into the living room to watch t.v... and I can't start cleaning or cooking because everyone would wake up. So, bored once more.

It's not a regular oh, I'm bored when there's a million things to do. It's a deep yearning that anything I can do satisfies this deep desire/need of productivity. I woke up because I knew there were better things to be done than sleep, so my mind was bored.

And so I start today with making breakfast, laundry, blogging, and quiet time since the new Bible Study officially starts today. (yay, I'm so excited!!) {check out (in)courage for more information!}. There's still this gloom and doom of deeply unsettled "what's next?" kind of boredom.

So I job search. And my youth leader suggests getting together the camp business plan (my dream). I have no less than four business plans all drawn out from VARIOUS college projects/finals/etc. Some are about 30 pages long, too.. So maybe this is the time to settle down and work on something that matters. It's not that the laundry, dishes, canning, gardening don't matter; but they don't have much eternal value, either, just daily family blessings.

Or maybe I should focus on my Compassion stuff and my Family Ministry project and my VeggieTales  Ambassador program. or All of the above. I've been in such a routine that sometimes these things all get put on the back burner when they should be on the forefront of my mind for Jesus. Hours turn to days and days into weeks then months then an entire year. Zoom.

And I am so thankful for the rain this morning to allow myself some time to focus, think, and reflect on things instead of busying myself in the garden duties and cleaning outside, and what nots.


Reccewife said…
Hope you come accross something that keeps your interest!
Christine said…
Hi, I love your blog, therefore I have nominated you for a Blog Award! Here's the details: