Is this season still considered summer or fall?
I like to think that school starts again in FALL, but the buses have been out for two weeks hauling students back and it's got my brain wrecked trying to remember it's still hot outside.
My garden likes to remind me that it's summer and still needs loads of water and fresh summery vegetables.
Bath and Body Works says it's fall and released their AMAZING fall scents that have me pining for my FAVORITE time of year. (is there anything better than fall scents?)
My brain reminds me to plant my fall vegetable garden, but my eyes see the tomatoes have taken all the room.
The Zucchini have flourished and make me bake them into bread and muffins, which remind me of pumpkin bread and apple cider doughnuts and apple cider and hay ride and pumpkins.
Our running on Saturdays was 8 (EIGHT!) miles last week, reminding me that it's still summer when I return home with a sunburn. (this Saturday is nine miles!)
The Colts football season has returned and started off with a HUGE bang yesterday against the STL Rams. 38-3 and we watched it inside the stadium. (The Marine HAD to attend for work...such a tough life, right?!) Football screams FALL.
Morning temps have started to drop into the 65-70 range. It's been glorious after our scorching 80s at a cool temp for our 100+ degree days. (my a/c is thankful!)
Candy Corn has already been purchased. It's strategically placed in the Marine's candy dish at work because I would eat the entire bag.  Candy Corn = FALL.
So, what do yall call this incredibly weird transition phase between summer and fall?
I'm calling it fall-mer this year because fall seems to be taking over and winning the summer over.

So long summer. You will be missed.


Shari Smith said…
Wow, that's crazy! School starts super-early there, huh? Ours doesn't start for three more weeks (4 Sep).

I'm with you on the B&BW fall scents -- mmmm!!!