A girl and her Bum.

12 days until the 1/2 Marathon.
Just saying that makes me a little nervous.
I know I can do it, but it is still something so very new to me. 
Enter in a Fitness and Bible Study challenge, and I am in.
Five weeks to a mind + body revolution; it's so new and exciting.

There's always been a disconnect between my physical and spiritual life even though they're so linked up it isn't funny. If my spiritual life was on par, so would the physical part! And to say that I'm running this Marathon FOR my church, kinda funny. So, naturally they should be linked! But of course, they stay separate until I'm so done and out of energy that I cry out for supernatural strength to finish the last twenty minutes.  I am NOT one of those people who can pray while running because I am thinking about so many other things. Time, breathe, pain, smiling at my bike riding compadres, etc. 

But God knows there's more to it. So does this smarty smart pants @ 313Fitness. Pure Genius in combing both so when I am dying on the track I can remember the Bible verse that got me motivated and all "ohh-rah" in the first place. And it is something the Marine can get behind as well. We'll both be better off spiritually and physically and might pick up some new habits along the way. 
We'll be running multiple times a week, busting our bums doing Extreme Shed & Shred and 6 week Six Pack (by Jillian), and bike rides.  Apparently training for running limits weight training, which to me is DUMB because body weight training helps long runs (so I rebel and do it anyhow.) 

It started today:
Join, be encouraged.
Get behind your behind & God.