Birthdays are for everyone.

Joseph is turning 10 on October 5, 2012. 
His birthday in Kenya will be much different from any birthday celebrated in the United States. 


Joseph is turning 10 in a place where children are often forced into labor, searching for food and water, and war. But You have brought Joseph out of poverty through Compassion International. You have provided him food, clothing, education, medical checks, and above all a place to learn how GREAT You are. You have formed a relationship with the Marine and I and this little boy who lives across the world from us. We have shared stories, adventures, Bible verses, gifts, encouragement, and smiles. This little boy lights up our lives in ways we cannot have even imagined. Thank You for sending him into our world and connecting two families so far away. We are amazed by the progress Joseph has made in school, in medical health, and spiritual health as well. He is average in everything, but is beating the cycle of poverty with every lesson, every class attended, and every check-up he completes.

Protect his spirit and heart as he travels back and forth to home, school, and the Compassion Program. Keep him focused during school and Bible lessons and open to Your will for His life. Give him dreams to change his future and be the young man that will change his family's poverty level. Allow him the courage to speak to his family about Jesus and have their hearts receptive. Focus his attention towards helping others in his community and learn to live in community with others. Give him a passion to change the environment around him and do HARD things. Challenge him and let him shine. Bless him with responsibility and leadership. Embrace him with compassion, humility, and empathy. Let him be a Disciple for You and You alone. Let him graduate the Compassion program and attend college to further his education. Let his dreams and passions come alive! 

Father, you alone can orchestrate this boy's life. You know the plans for him, the future, the outcomes of his choices and decisions. I pray that he never looses sight of You and does all for the glory of Your kingdom. Let him know that You're always there for him, as it says in the Bible. 

Thank You for Compassion and the people who had the vision to unite the poor with the financially blessed. Thank You for those on the front lines of the Compassion projects who get to interact and teach Joseph.  Thank You for WHO You are. 

In Jesus' Name:



Jen said…
Happy Birthday to a precious boy!