fa la la la la, I am three months early

Things I find AMUSING:

The groupon deal for Regal Cinema Tickets is MORE expensive than our Regal Cinema ticket matinee price. The Marine gets military discount at night, which brings the price down during night time movies to matinee price. No DEAL!

My neighbors across the street are moving out. This means that no less than SIX cars will vacate parking in front of my house. Also, this is the third set of renters for this particular house.

The Marine flew to a different state today for a meeting tomorrow and flies home the following day. Aren't conference calls, skype, and facetime cheaper?

I finished my half marathon in less than 3 hours on Saturday. Soreness stopped today, so naturally I went for a run. Someone is already asking ME to do a half marathon in November!

Two minutes after I finish they want me to SMILE for a picture. No no no!

My sister and I have been texting while she visits my dad; for whatever reasons this caused me to CRAVE bologna sandwiches and Snyder's BBQ chips. #hometownmemories

The Avengers Movie in the 5 disc 3-D blu-ray with bonus disc set is the SAME price as a regular blu-ray @ Target. Best $19.99 I've spent in a while on a movie.

Our dog refuses to walk on the bathroom's NEW tile floor. (pics to come soon when Marine gets home and grouts it!) He's scared of it since the toilet is no longer in the bathroom, but resides in my kitchen until Marine gets home and finishes it. And yes, the SINK is in the living room. three.more.days.

Every.single.night. the brother-in-law arrives home from stalking going to college and he sits down, takes off his stinky shoes, goes to kitchen, grabs a bag of chips, sits on couch and turns on endless HOURS of television time via Netflix while consuming almost an entire bag of chips. I am thinking of ways to curb the television watching. It's mostly annoying because our BEDROOM is on the other side of the television wall. We hear it just as much as he does.
Any ideas???

October is coming up and it will be a JAM-PACKED month of glorious information and events like Dwarfism Awareness, Compassion Christmas, Breast Cancer Awareness, and what to do when you "forget" Halloween.

Oh, and let's not forget that CHRISTMAS junk is out in stores already. I thought it was a mishap at Lowes, but Target, Menards, Dollar General, and more are slowly putting out their JUNK!
Someone needs to tell these people that Christmas is THREE months away as of today...they're ruining CHRISTMAS..which is probably the idea.


Jen said…
Congrats on finishing the half marathon! :)
Shar Martinez said…
Congrats! That's awesome, I've never even competed in a half marathon!

I'm a new follower from the blog hop! Come visit me whenever you get a chance! :)

♥ Shar
Jamie said…
Seeing Christmas stuff out in October is so annoying. Thanks for linking up!