If we bought a zoo.

After a couple HEAVY spirited posts, it's time for a little fun.
But first, go HERE.
You'll THANK ME later.

While checking through the multiple HUNDREDS of Random ZOO/Aquarium/Attractions pictures from the past few seasons of life, these gems were sticking out at me. (also those on the sidebar )

They make me giggle because animals are so unpredictable. There's nothing better than a ROMP with friends, right?


Or a family gathering at the gate? I am betting that it was close to dinner time here.


And flamingoes. Gorgeous. I adore their blend of pink feathers. Weird, right?



And who gets to see vultures and storks live in such harmony with a huge wingspan that doesn't fly away?


Jen said…
I love the pictures! The giraffes are my favorite. :)