Round does not fit in Square.

With three adults all living in a one bedroom house with a loft, basement, and a garage,  (and no pantry!!!) there is stuff everywhere.

Stuffy stuff everywhere.
Stuff we have purchased in hope to bring joy into the house.
Stuff that makes us smile.
Stuff that smells good.
Stuff that makes us giggle, laugh, and occasionally almost die from laughing (The Big Bang Theory).
Stuff that PROMISES to make our lives easier. Like a mandolin slicer; haven't used it but three times in the 18 months I've owned it. I liked dicing and chopping and slicing my own veggies.
Stuff that brings worship music into the home.
Stuff that educates us about certain topics.
Stuff that makes us feel good about our bodies because we look decent in something other than jeans and a tshirt!
Stuff that says dust me(penguins, candles, nutcracker{yes, it's always Christmas here!}), sweep my peels (onions), pick up my wrappers,(capri sun straws!), and contain me (grapes, hot cocoa, basically anything in ROUND containers for SQUARE/RECTANGLE shelves. I do NOT understand.

I am more important than this stuff that hounds me to organize it, store it, use it, play it, read it, listen to it, work out to it!

So, we're switching things up around this house. T.V. out of the bedroom; gives us more space, more romance, and less zombie-like state of watching television to "unwind".  It has actually been GREAT for us.  Which is less movies purchased, less movies hoarded, and more time on the books we have hoarded instead. Until we read through them and donate them as well.

Also, cleaned out the cabinet in the bathroom and I have an entire TOP shelf that is empty. It's not bursting forth with samples, a stock pile, or any other random combination of bathroom things.

And in the Kitchen, a half empty top shelf in the dishes category! 

It is so freeing and liberating to see EMPTY space. Space that used to tell me I NEEDED more stuff. Space that was never allowed in my house growing up, and SPACE that ultimately needs to stay empty.

So, this is helpful because this week, the youthins chose SHOPPING for me. I can only spend my monies in Seven places. So far it's been Target, Sam's Club, Walmart, Petsmart, McDonald's (breakfast only!)  and Bills. I'll probably add in Speedway for gas because the local Walmart and Sams do not have gas stations. Thankfully groceries can be purchased at either Super Target or Walmart, but we have ENOUGH, as stated in the food portion of Seven. I just have to remind myself that I can't go to Redbox or the local Kroger or Village Pantry for just a couple things this week.


Andrea said…
I like this empty shelf bit. I think for a while I would need to put up a pretty sign with verses to remind me that I do not need to fill up the shelf. I think that would reemphasize that this "space" in my life is already full. I'm going to work on that for the weekend :) Thanks for the urge.
Jen said…
I love the empty space idea, I think I will try this. :)