Where do you go from Here?

Once again, you win.
There's such TRUTH and honesty in what Jen Hatmaker says that it is hard not to follow her lead and enjoy a glimpse into her world of "giving up" and yet gaining so much more out of it.

The week we're peering into social media.
How many have already checked facebook, pinterest, blogs, twitter, linked in, google+, email, and their GAME apps on their phones?
It's only 9am and think of all the chatter appearing in your head from social media already.
So far today I've learned:

  •  there is a half marathon race somewhere in Michigan with one of the biggest finisher medals
  • my sister re-tweets almost ALL my tweets from twitter.
  • there are new followers on twitter, (who are these people?!)
  • My words with friends games have me winning all but three games (and I'm playing over a dozen!)
  • Advent Conspiracy has an amazing tool for this Christmas season and I cannot wait to utilize it.
  • someone can't sleep because they're pregnant
  • Someone is out celebrating their birthday
  • someone is praying for their enemies.
  • someone is quoting movie quotes as status updates
And that's just in thirty minutes time. Think about all the head space that takes up! 

What I could have been learning instead:
  • God has His own Party Rock Anthem (parable of the lost son)
  • Waking up early is Biblical (most ALL the psalms!)
  • Proverbs 31 obedience
  • Forgiveness says you're trusting God. Unforgiveness say you're trusting yourself.
  • We should embrace being a role model (1thess.1:2-2:16)
  • Do people know what your building is? Is it a school, a church, a college, a playground?
I am missing out in hopes that the WORLD has something to offer me while my soul is quietly crying out to God and His goodness. 
Is that how I want my legacy to be known? 
Master of reading social media, and shallow Christian roots.
I can quote facebook but not Scripture. 

I refuse to go down like that.