Adventure Applesauce?

This week is trying to kill me.

(a) it's been almost 80 this past week. Today's high is 49 degrees.  How does it drop 30 degrees so drastically? More importantly WHY? We're suppose to have a backyard fire party tonight.

(b) I am applying for my Master's Degree in Adventure Education.

(c) I sent my resume to the local church camp Monday and the board discussed it Tuesday!

(d) Re-arranging house things like a dresser into the television room to become the new t.v. stand and house all the dvds, workout things, and wii accessories.

(e) there are no more apples left in my house and this makes me sad. It's time to go to the Orchard tomorrow. Cider and apple pick'n are calling me again.

(f) We had to cancel the youth event that was going on tonight. It's typically the most highly attended, most anticipated event of the year. Only ONE youthin could show up and that's going to be NO fun for anyone.

(g) I've tackled too much cleaning, de-cluttering, and re-arranging to handle it all gracefully.

But on the bright side....

(a) God has shown me some amazing insight into things
(b) job and college?!?!? or either or both!
(c) I made awesome applesauce and apple pies.
(d) It was warm enough to tackle to dying garden outside, paint the railings, and install plant some bushes.
(e) The Marine's neurology results come back in about an hour.
(f) the 30 day November challenge will start next week! I can't wait to show yall how amazing that's been the past two years!

What have yall been up too?

Also, the winner of the Shutterfly giveaway will be announced later so check back soon!!!


Semper Wifey said…
Sounds like an interesting, mostly great, week! I've never heard of Adventure Education. How cool! :)
Jen said…
What a crazy week! Yay for going to the orchard, I wish we had them here.