Fallin' in Love.

We've been in Ohio this past weekend celebrating both Columbus Day and our 12th year Anniversary of being together.
It's always good to be home. It was the first time in 15 years that both my sister and I were under the same roof that we grew up in. It made my dad's heart VERY happy. Plus, he also had all three of his grandchildren under the same roof, as well. There's nothing like seeing your parents smile so big they could burst.

My grandpa also had a full house of company when we went out there and grabbed some Covered Bridge Pizza (best in the WORLD!). Brother -in-law had to have his Ohio National Guard Oath completed by an Officer in the Military. Guess who qualified? That's right, the Marine. We gathered to celebrate around a kitchen table that's been so quiet and empty since Grandma passed away in March. It was amazing to finally give Grandpa some happier things to watch and be a part of in that house. The oath was completed, the signatures filed, and pictures were taken. Amazing men of honor, duty, and sacrifice. I couldn't be prouder.

I also loved how gorgeous the fall leaves were during our drive across the state of Ohio. GORGEOUS! It was our own light show of greens, reds, oranges, yellows, purples, and some brown. That's why I love FALL! Also, we'll be heading up to a local orchard this upcoming weekend for a Fall Festival of happiness including MASSIVE amounts of apples, apple cider, doughnuts, maple syrup, apple pie, hiking, etc. Love love love FALL!

How was yall's weekend?


Jen said…
It sounds like you had a wonderful time, love fall!!! :)