Feast or Famine.

Challenge. Change.

I find these words synonymous with each other. One cannot do one without the other. 

This is what's brewing beneath my heartstrings. 

I am currently viewing thousands of dollars in equipment and many man hours to put together a Conference. 
We're behind the scenes workers with the Marine running the sound board for all the microphones, instruments, and speakers. Set up and tear down. 

And yet, I wonder...if this money was spent in the MISSION field, what good could it do instead? 
Are we preaching to the choir?
Reviving people with messages in the Bible that people read but do not know or DO?!

Both Jen and Brandon Hatmakers' books Barefoot Church and Interrupted are stirring inside me. 

But it is something that's been in my heart and brain for a while now. 

Stuff I think about and often wonder "what if.." 

Is there more?

Has Christianity become consumer Christianity?

Preparing for both the feast and the famine and only living in the feast of everything: books, audios, albums, magazines, sermons, Bible Studies, potluck dinners and discussing the "lost" and yet wondering if we're not the LOST ones, too. 

I am guilty. I need change and challenge and I believe God is telling me I need both. And more of Him to go along with it.