Green October.

October is National Dwarfism Awareness Month. It's celebrated by several different states and is in the process of trying to get it Nationally recognized. Indiana currently celebrates it as an awareness month so there are a couple events going on locally that spread some Dwarfism knowledge and understanding around the communities.

And why do I care so much about Dwarfism? Our very adorable, lovable, and spoiled god-daughter, Laynie Wynn has dwarfism.

POCOYO gigglin!I love this lil girl's personality.

Watching t.v. and sitting like a big girl!

I am sure she's telling her doll to do something like roll her hands.

Sitting all by herself and playing with a watch.

Making faces with both her Momma and Laynie Wynn's Bessie. (me)

She's come a long way and soon she'll be walking!
She's currently trying to give Papa Bravo (The Marine) guilt trips about coming to visit her  (under the influence of her Momma of course!)

LW is perfectly made by God and a delight to EVERYONE she meets.


Jen said…
She is absolutely precious!!!
Jamie said…
She is just adorable.
I watched one of the videos you posted. Wow! I didn't realize 80% of people with dwarfism are born to average sized parents! That really opened my eyes. Thanks for sharing! :)

Hi! It's Jilly
rAmO said…
Thanks for sharing Bestie! We love you! Gene, Rachel & Laynie
Mrs. Sergeant said…
She is super adorable! Thank you for such an informative post, I had no idea about October and I think it should definitely be a national campaign. Thank you so much.